Thank you for your selection of this AboveAir Technologies equipment. AboveAir Technologies is a Maryland based manufacturer of air conditioning, heat pump, and chilled water systems. Specializing in precision and high percentage outside air applications, AboveAir Technologies utilizes high quality craftsmanship and materials to produce equipment capable of providing years of trouble free service.

This site contains all of the documentation for installing, operating, and maintaining your equipment. Product data sheets are provided during the design process and provide specific information about the performance characteristics of your unit. The unit ’s nameplate will include identifying information for the unit, note the type of refrigerant used, and the unit’s electrical characteristics. As-built wiring diagrams are shipped on the unit’s electrical panel and provided to the contractor via PDF as part of the shipping document package.


Your AboveAir Technologies equipment contains components that may present a hazard; these include high voltage electrical connections and components, rotating components, and high pressure and temperature fluids and gases. Only professionally trained, qualified, and licensed (where required) personnel should install or service this equipment. Property damage and serious injury or death may result from improper installation or maintenance of this equipment.

Prior to performing any service on this unit, familiarize yourself with this manual, the material safety data sheets (MSDS) for any refrigerant or glycol used in this unit, and the location of the main power switch. Before opening the cabinet to perform any service, always lock out the main power disconnect unless power is required for the procedure or diagnostic being performed.

Follow all safety codes while installing, servicing, or maintaining this equipment. Technicians should wear personal protective equipment while working on this equipment, including work gloves, safety glasses, and protective foot wear.


Immediately upon delivery, conduct a visual inspection of your equipment. The visual inspection should include removing any access panels to check the internal components for any apparent shipping damage. If there is any shipping damage, it must be noted on the freight carrier’s delivery forms before signing for the equipment. If the unit has been damaged, obtain a claim form from the carrier.

Components and accessories that are shipped loose will be shipped in separate container(s) and may be found within the unit as space allows. Refer to the packing list and identify all parts that have been shipped loose. If any components are missing, obtain a claim form from the carrier and notify AboveAir Technologies.

All freight claims or lost material claims must be processed through the freight carrier, typically within 5 business days of receipt of equipment. AboveAir technologies should be notified of any damage prior to repair. Any claims made after this period will be subject to additional charges for lost parts or repairs.

Units must remain in the normal upright position at all times. Units should only be moved by pallet jack or similar device on original or correctly sized pallet (pallet must extend beyond the unit on all sides). Units must never be stacked.

If the equipment is not scheduled for immediate installation upon its arrival at the job site, it should be completely inspected per the instructions above, then repacked in the original or equivalent packaging and stored in a clean, dry area.

Warranty Information

All units include a standard 1 year parts warranty. Optional warranty terms are indicated as agreed on purchase orders. Terms, conditions, and warranty information may be downloaded at AboveAir Warranty, Terms, and Conditions.